At Petlove Veterinary Hospital in Elk Grove, CA, we specialize in providing advanced orthopedic surgery services to address a variety of skeletal and joint issues in pets. Our goal is to help your pet live a more comfortable and active life through state-of-the-art surgical treatments.

What is Orthopedic Surgery?
Orthopedic surgery encompasses any surgery related to the bones and joints. It includes procedures for repairing fractures, correcting deformities, and alleviating joint pain caused by diseases such as arthritis or hip dysplasia.

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Our Orthopedic Surgery Services Include:

  • Fracture Repair: We use modern surgical techniques to effectively treat bone fractures.
  • Cruciate Ligament Repair: ACL injuries in pets are common and we offer both traditional and advanced repair options.
  • Hip Dysplasia Surgery: For dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, we provide surgical solutions to improve their quality of life.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Our facility is equipped with advanced imaging technologies to accurately diagnose and plan surgeries.

Benefits of Orthopedic Surgery

  • Pain Relief: Surgery can significantly reduce pain and discomfort in pets suffering from joint and bone issues.
  • Improved Mobility: Orthopedic surgery can enhance your pet’s ability to move and perform daily activities.
  • Increased Activity Levels: Post-surgery, many pets return to a more active lifestyle, which is important for their overall health.

Preparing Your Pet for Surgery

We provide comprehensive pre-surgical assessments, including blood tests and imaging, to ensure your pet is healthy enough for surgery. Post-surgery, your pet will likely require rest and may need physical therapy to regain full mobility.

Schedule a Consultation for Orthopedic Surgery

If you think your pet might benefit from orthopedic surgery, please contact us at (916) 359-9996 to schedule a consultation. Our skilled veterinary surgeons are here to provide the care and support your pet needs at every step.

Frequently Asked Questions about Orthopedic Surgery

What is orthopedic surgery for pets?

Orthopedic surgery focuses on diagnosing and treating issues related to the bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons in pets. This includes surgeries for fracture repair, joint replacements, ligament repairs, and corrective surgeries for congenital deformities.

How do I know if my pet needs orthopedic surgery?

Signs that your pet might need orthopedic attention include limping, difficulty moving, pain when touched, reluctance to play or jump, and visible deformities. A consultation with one of our veterinarians can help determine if surgery is necessary.

What are the most common orthopedic surgeries for pets?

Common procedures include cruciate ligament repair (similar to ACL surgeries in humans), hip dysplasia surgery, and various fracture repairs. Each surgery is tailored to the specific needs of your pet.

Is orthopedic surgery safe for my pet?

While all surgeries carry some risk, orthopedic surgeries are generally safe and effective. We use the latest techniques and technology to minimize risks. Our veterinary team is experienced in providing comprehensive care from pre-surgery preparation to post-operative recovery.

What can I expect during my pet’s recovery from orthopedic surgery?

Recovery varies depending on the surgery but typically involves a period of rest and limited movement, pain management, and possibly physical therapy. We will provide detailed instructions on how to care for your pet at home during the recovery phase.

How long does recovery from orthopedic surgery take?

Recovery time can vary from a few weeks to several months based on the type of surgery and the pet’s overall health. During follow-up visits, we’ll monitor your pet’s progress and adjust their recovery plan as needed.

Can diet affect my pet’s recovery from orthopedic surgery?

Yes, nutrition plays a crucial role in recovery. We may recommend a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals that support bone healing and muscle strength. Supplements might also be suggested to aid in the healing process.